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Leading human journeys

Toward business agility

As a mentor, thought leader, and practitioner of business agility for over two decades, I've gathered a lot of resources.

And I'd love to share them. 

These articles, videos, frameworks, and tools will guide your journey of business agility.

Each month in short videos,
I answer questions about business agility, transformation, and human-centered business.

My Approach

In my experience, most businesses tackle change by focusing on new processes and systems, and expecting people to comply with them.

My approach to business agility transformations  focuses on people’s mindsets by investing in leadership, education, and empowerment. 

With the right mindset, people are powerful, capable of crafting the best ways of working for their teams. I help organizations—starting at the top, with business leaders—change mindsets and mental models before processes.

When leaders invest in changing themselves, they can help others change. When they invest in education, they help those closest to business problems design solutions that work for them. Leaders who empower people—businesses that invest in people—realize sustainable business agility.

I'd much rather teach you how to fish, than give you a fish. 

My method transforms people before processes, because people are the most agile part of any organization. They bring lasting growth and lasting change. 

Being agile is a dynamic, deeply human journey across all organizational levels.

Be patient and enjoy it!