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About Me


I’m Ahmed Sidky, Ph.D.

Most people know me as an international business agility thought leader, practitioner, keynote speaker, and author. Some people know me as Dr. Agile.

But that’s only part of my identity. 

I'd like to share the bigger picture. Three pillars of my life shape what I do, how I work, and who I am:

  • Entrepreneur and business agility thought leader.

  • Husband and father.

  • Muslim in America.



I'm a thought leader, teacher, writer, and speaker with a Ph.D. in Agile Transformation.

As Head of Business Agility at Riot Games, I am honored to play a part in making Riot Games the most player-centric game company in the world. 

​Before joining Riot Games, I helped dozens of Fortune 100 companies through their journeys to becoming agile.

I'm also president of ICAgile, cofounder of the Business Agility Institute, and co-author of “Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World.”

My career started when I was 12, selling rice around my neighborhood. Then importing and selling video games, and after that, programming and leading dev teams. Then, after my dad helped me learn lean manufacturing, running a CD manufacturing factory at age 18.

I owe a lot to my dad.

My Mindset

Business agility isn't a choice for organizations that decide to be customer-centric.


It's a necessity.

Business agility is freedom. Flexibility. Resilience. The ability to attain your organization’s highest potential in a changing world. Like being an athlete, with hard work, you can get better at being agile. 

Business agility is a journey of perseverance, of endurance, with no shortcuts. To endure this grind, you have to center your organization's purpose on something greater than itself: The customer you fight for, every day. 

You achieve this customer-centricity by aiming your leadership, strategies, systems, processes and people toward serving your ever-changing customers. By transforming mindsets and empowering each other.

People are the most powerful and agile part of any organization. People ignite and sustain business agility in service of customer-centricity.

That's why my approach focuses on people before systems. Only people’s desire to fight for their customers—who are in a constant state of change—can carry them through their never-ending journey of agility.

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