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It's important to help people understand that agile is a mindset, not a process or methodology. These slides can help you explain this.

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In addition to my two biggest works of writing my Ph.D. dissertation and my book, Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World, I have authored a number of journal and conference papers.

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If you value the agile mindset and an agile way of transformation, the culture-led transformation approach should intrigue you. These insights can help you understand your own agile transformation.

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Every video from my Agile Fundamentals Course—16 in all—are here for free. Use them, share them, and launch your learning journey to becoming agile.

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The 12 organizational muscles (formally known as "domains") of business agility illustrate which areas of development can increase your organization's business agility.

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Browse through PDFs of some of my past conference presentations.


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On My Bookshelf

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success >>

by Carol S. Dweck

A must-read for developing a learning mindset and culture.

User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product >>

by Jeff Patton

An amazing book about agile product management.  

Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice >>

by Clayton M. Christensen
Introduces the customer-centric view of product value.

Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity >>

by Kim Scott
How to manage people from a human-centered place.

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win >>

by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
This changed my view of responsibility and leadership. 

Say Anything: How Leaders Inspire Ideas, Cultivate Candor, and Forge Fearless Cultures >>

by Doug Crandall and Matt Kincaid, PhD

How to create a culture of psychosocial safety. 


Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works >>

by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin
Five great questions to formulate a powerful strategy.


The Art & Science of Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Collaboration with Agile Teams >>

by Marsha Acker

Marsha is an expert on facilitation and how to use it in leadership. 


Sooner Safer Happier: Antipatterns and Patterns for Business Agility >>
by Jonathan Smart with Zsolt Berend, Myles Ogilvie, and Simon Rohrer

The patterns in this book give wonderful insights into the business agility journey.

Doing Agile Right >>

by Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk, and Steve Berez

I love the chapters on organizational structure and people management.  

Recommended Articles

​2020 Business Agility Report: Responding to Disruption >>

​453 respondents from 274 companies around the world took part in the 2019 Business Agility Report. This rates their maturity and shares their insights, challenges and successes.

Employee Engagement Whitepaper >>

In the latest whitepaper from the Business Agility Institute, a team of researchers shared their findings on why employee engagement is a key differentiator for organizations of all types.

Forensic Flow >>

It may seem inconceivable that the manifesto for agile software development and forensic policing have commonality. However, there are many points of similarity between the two.

Challenging times; Self management through religious strife and hierarchy of caste >>

The story of Yash Pakka, a commercial paper and packaging company focused on sustainable and renewable packaging solutions and the strategic changes that have kept them at the forefront of a growing industry that demands flexibility

A Summary of Bain's Founder’s Mentality and Micro-battles >>
Only one company in eleven has sustained profitable growth during the past decade and for those that failed to grow, more than 85% of company leaders blame internal factors for this shortfall. Jimmy Allen dives into the reasons why.

The 22000 Persons Start-up >>

Learn the journey that has led to making banking joyful for both customers and employees of this 22000 employee organization.

How Collaborative Play & Games can enable Human Resources to better support Business Agility >>

At Business Agility 2018, Jason Tice shares how collaborative games determine if a candidate's career needs, skills, and desires align to the job at hand and, most importantly, how well they will collaborate with other team members.

Haier Elevation >>
This case depicts a global manufacturing giant grappling with the challenge of unlocking the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of its employees worldwide.


Survival >>

Marina Alex, founder of SWAY systems, shares the story of one business, a hotel, with the desire to survive and the willingness to change everything.

Upon Retrospective: Business Agility helps with challenges at Board level >>
Sandra Davey, founder of Product Space in Australia, shares the story of a Board of Directors who realized they were practicing business agility-by accident.

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