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Browse through PDFs of some of my past conference presentations.

The Art & Science of Customer-centric Product Strategy, Workshop at Agile 2023
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This workshop offers insights into what is customer-centric product and business strategy using a vision-to-value framework. Participants will explore creating a compelling product vision that guides and inspires teams, rather than being a mere collection of fancy words. The approach emphasizes agility and flexibility with generative outcomes, using the Kano model to identify customer-centric opportunities. Whether you're a product manager, designer, or developer, this session equips you with the skills to drive product innovation and delight customers in a rapidly changing world.

Measuring What Matters. The Art of Measuring Business Agility, Keynote at Agile and Scrum 2023 
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Ahmed Sidky's keynote argues that business agility is not just about traditional metrics like time-to-market, but involves cultivating specific capabilities and behaviors. He introduces 18 key capabilities across five domains to measure and improve an organization's agility. Sidky emphasizes that effective measurement focuses on observable behaviors, not just end results, and calls for a mindset shift away from traditional change management methods. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies for enhancing their organization's agility.

Evolving Agile Leadership at Riot Games. A Story of Challenging Convention, Keynote at Agile New Zealand 2016
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Agile Leadership is a broadly-defined buzz-word today. Does it just mean servant leadership or is there more? How does Agile leadership fit with "Agile" Management. While the industry is figuring out all this, at Riot Games, we didn't really care about terminology and definitions, but rather our focus is on building strong human-centric leaders to lead our 2500-person agile organization. Through these efforts, I think we have created our own understanding of what Leadership in an Agile organization looks like that is worth sharing.

The Secret to Achieving Sustainable Agility at Scale, Keynote at Agile Turkey 2015
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Organizations want sustainable agile at scale. They want assurance that their agile efforts didn’t just create mini, more painful, waterfalls and that agile doesn’t turn into a set of empty rituals and checklists in a few years. In this keynote, Ahmed explains how the sustainability of agile at scale is tightly coupled to the subtleties in two areas: (1) the approach used by an organization during its agile transformation and (2) what the organization focuses on during its transformation. 

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