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If you value the agile mindset and an agile way of transformation, the culture-led transformation approach can give you insights on your own agile transformation.

Culture-led Transformation, Overview
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This video envisions organizational culture through the framework of the culture triangle and reviews different agile adoption patterns and approaches. Culture-led transformations take place over three steps: (1) Creating a vision for your transformation, (2) identifying outcomes, and (3) designing the cultural changes and roadmap for realizing your desired behavioral changes.

Culture-led Transformation, Three Steps
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These slides—referenced in the above Culture-led Transformation video— explain the three steps of culture-led transformation.

Culture-Led Transformation, Habits
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This whitepaper explains the culture-led transformation approach a little differently from the video, building the cultural transformation roadmap around organizational habits that need to be changed (instead of a vision and its desired effects and outcomes). Both approaches, though differing in perspectives, are totally valid. It just depends on your preference.

Culture Pyramid and Exercise
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These slides contain the culture pyramid and an exercise designed to generate fruitful discussion with your organization's leadership team: Which areas of your culture should you invest in for better business agility?

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