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The 12 organizational muscles (formally known as "domains") of business agility illustrate which areas of development can increase your organization's business agility.

Domains of Business Agility

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Achieving business agility isn't simple. No silver bullet or single framework, method, or system can deliver business agility to all companies in the same way. But like an athlete who follows specific regimens to develop the necessary muscle groups to help them reach their goal, organizations need to develop certain organizational muscles to reach the right level of business agility. 

In this video, I'll go through the 12 organizational muscles (formally known as domains) of business agility. These muscles aren't developed in isolation. Like a human body, they all work together, making the entire organization more agile and building essential capabilities for the future.

PowerPoint Slides >
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These slides, referenced in the above video, explain the domains of business agility and share how they work in concert to build organizational capabilities.

Mini E-book >

This original mini e-book on the domains of business agility was designed for the Business Agility Institute. In addition to explaining each domain, the book gives practical next steps and indicators to measure the maturity of the domains. 

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